The #Revitalu #SmartCoffee that is about to take the #UK by storm

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Click here to Buy Now


As you’ve likely gathered, our smart coffee is not a typical barista coffee! It’s a technologically smart science weight loss & energy coffee currently only sold in USA, launching in UK and Canada on 14th Sept, but we’re distributing it in the UK pre-launch.

It’s made from 100% natural ingredients (that are fully detailed on the website) which work together by blocking sugar and fat cravings to help you eat healthier, suppresses your appetite to help with portion control, turns up your cellular heat and increases your metabolic rate which burns off fat and gives tons of energy and mental focus.
No forced change to diet, No having to watch what you eat, No change to exercise needed…You just drink one cup of coffee a day, (can add milk, sugar or be mixed with hot chocolate, orange juice etc if don’t like coffee).

If you’d be interested in finding out more, the link is:

RRP is £49.99, but at check out there’s a tick box ‘Make me a Preferred Customer’ that knocks £10 off so coffee is £39.99 – just over a £1/day which is way less than is saved on snacks/meal portions.

Preferred option means a new tub is auto-shipped monthly – but there is NO contract and NO notice period so you can cancel at any time…the only charge if you cancelled would be £10 as you’d have paid £39.99 for the last tub but it would now be charged at the full RRP as the discount given for an ongoing order would no longer apply as you’d have cancelled the order. That’s all the small print taken care of, but any questions please ask!

UK testimonials keep coming in, most recent new customers reported a 1.5″ loss off her waistline after 3 days, & another has lost 1/2 stone in just 4 days, another 8lbs in 1 week, everyone is different but all very happy with the results from drinking just one cup a day!

It’s also great for trimming the last bit of fat to show great muscle definition too, and I have testimonials reporting good increase in energy levels and from those suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME and diabetes!

Any questions, please just ask, but as above, We offer a money back guarantee that applies to all internet orders, even if an empty tub is returned… So it’s risk free to try it!! We can also supply flyers and sample sachets for events, just contact us with details.

It’s only 2 weeks til #RevitalU launch in the #UK. Don’t miss this #Opportunity

Let’s look at this practically!

You are being given the chance to join a MLM company right at the start so you’d be a founding member and in years time will be at the top of the groups on groups of people who join en-mass after the company launches.

The investment is currently only £29.99 so isn’t a financial high-risk. There are no targets for you to reach, there are no minimum sales you have to do each month. You can choose whether to have stock or just direct people to your website which handles the whole process for you and is included in the £29.99 (actually you get 3 sites as can sell and build team in UK, USA & Canada and more as they launch globally!!) If nothing else you can buy the coffee cheaper for you and your family…and then supply your friends and colleagues once they start noticing your results!

How easy is it to sell? Put one post on FaceBook a day and answer messages as and when you can. Use other social media, Twitter, Google+, post to forums etc.

Carry flyers with you and hand them out whenever you see an opportunity whilst you are out and about.

Chat, & offer samples, which generates a result, which is seen by others, who ask for a sample, which… You get the picture, it’s an ever growing circle… You can share the testimonials on your FaceBook wall with a few friends and the coffee results will do the rest; share your own results story and your passion and belief in the product will shine through and what you will see as a result is natural sales from people buying into you. 

We are offering you an opportunity that will not come your way very often in life…are you going to accept it? 

You’re welcome to contact us with any queries; and to grab this opportunity now whilst still pre-launch. Visit our site and on the top bar select Open My Biz and register your details, pay £29.99 and we will be in touch to help you grow your business!